Southport Ferry

Southport is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and at the northeastern corner of Brunswick Co.  The ferry ride from Southport to Fort Fisher (New Hanover Co.) is about 30 minutes long.



Little River Inlet

Little River Inlet is at the South Eastern corner of Brunswick Co. and provides access to the Atlantic Ocean for the fishing fleet located in Calabash and Little River S.C.


 American Alligators/Wood Storks

Brunswick Co. is at the Northern end of the American Alligators range as it is for the Wood Stork.  Alligators are not uncommon and our golfers are strongly recommended to "play around" any that they find sunning on the golf courses.  The Wood Stork is a recent visitor to our area and until a few years ago was only found further south



Live Oak

The coastal areas have numerous live oaks.  These beautiful trees may live for hundreds of years and are protected in Calabash and Brunswick Co.  This particular tree has a trunk diameter in excess of five feet and was most probably around when President Washington came through the area on his southern tour in late April, 1791!