LOCATION: The Town of Calabash is located in Brunswick County on the southeastern coast of North Carolina and is the southern most city in North Carolina bordering South Carolina. It is 25 miles North of Myrtle Beach, SC and 50 miles South of Wilmington, NC. Our closest highway is ‘Highway 17’.

POPULATION: Approximately 2300 residents and is growing rapidly.

: Moderate and we enjoy all four seasons. We 
rarely have snowfall in the winter.

Primarily a fishing village with shrimp boats docking daily during the season selling fresh caught shrimp. Charter boats for tours and deep sea fishing are also available.

The Town is famous for its 'Calabash Seafood'. This type of flavoring originated here and is unique. Others have tried to copy it with little success. If you want to taste the real 'Calabash Seafood', you must come to Calabash.

Fire Department
Calabash Fire Department- one of the best and well equipped Fire Departments in the area. 

The area is patrolled by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department. The crime rate is low in this area.

Utility Information:
Public Utilities (Water & Wastewater lines)
75 Courthouse Drive (Building I)
Bolivia, NC  28422

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (Power Company)
795 Ocean Hwy NW
Supply, NC  28462

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (Phone, Broadband & Cable TV)

640 Whiteville Rd NW
Shallotte, NC  28470 

The T
own of Calabash openings for employment:
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The Town has vacancies for the following positions:   
Town Services Technician
Planner/Code Enforcement
Town Administrator Classified Ad

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Contact the Brunswick County Board of Elections for registration and voting information including where you vote at 910-253-2620

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