Planning & Development

Assistant Manager/Planning DirectorEd H. Parvin
Assistant Town Manager / Director of Planning and Development
(910) 458 2526

Responsible for managing the community's growth and providing support services which guide development from concepts to completed projects. Staff assists the Town Council, appointed Boards, and citizens with the managment of growth and promoting public health, safety and general welfare through formulation and implementation of plans, policies, procedures, the Town’s Code of Ordinances and North Carolina State Building Codes.

Our focus is respect and integrity as we serve the public in planning and developing their properties through educating, guiding, assisting, and overseeing the town’s rules and regulations.  We provide services to maintain a sustainable community.  We exist to help preserve the community’s character while working with the town’s growth, needs, and changes.


Development Review

Responsible for processing and reviewing all incoming permit applications and guiding applicants through the permitting process.

Planning and Zoning
The division promotes improved community image, long-term market potential and the quality of life in the community, in an effort to enhance future opportunities for sustainable growth and development, and to capture increased tax revenues to support public needs. We are responsible for providing professional advice and technical expertise to elected officials, appointed boards, other departments, and citizens.

Building Inspection
Ensures that all new and existing structures both residential and commercial are built to the minimum state code and maintained to prevent and eliminate blight within our community. Staff develops, trains and implements damage assessment teams after critical incidents occur.

Code Enforcement
Investigates violations associated with state building codes, minimal housing, abandoned structures, abandoned property, weeds, junk, and other nuisances identified in the codes of Carolina Beach.  Oversees code compliance process for development codes, signs, and business regulations after initial recognition and contact to a violator has been documented by the appropriate official.

Project & Grant Managment
Identifies priortied projects in Long Range and Captial Improvement Plans and seeks grant funding opportunities. Manages the requirements place on the grant by the grantor from the initial application to the final submittal/closeout of the project.

Events and Special Business Allowances
Receives, reviews and permits allowances designed by the Town of Carolina Beach to create unique tourism and business opportunities on public and private property.  The desire for creating these allowances is to develop/enhance the community's family oriented identity, culture, and economic vitality in a way that minimizes adverse impacts to the community.

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