Events and Special Business Allowances


Event Permit Process

Any person or group who holds a special event shall require a Special Event Permit.

Directions for filling out the on line Application:
-   Fill in all Blanks
-   Make sure you put the date in the DATE block
-   Finish rest of form
-   At the end of the form CLICK on SUBMIT; follow the prompts
-   This will bring you to an e-mail addressed to

Special Event Permit An application shall be submitted at least (30) days before the event.  If the proposed special event is to occur on a State/Federal Holiday, an application shall be submitted (45) working days prior to the proposed special event.  For first time Special Events, after review of the Special Event Application by the Municipal Event Coordinator (MEC),  the applicant shall appear before Town Council for final approval (MEC will schedule).   An application will not be reviewed until the non-refundable application fee is paid and the application submitted contains the following attachments:

Scaled site planApplicant shall use the provided scaled map to show the proposed event site layout.  For example, parking areas, planned activity areas, proposed structures, bathrooms, concessions, tents, and any other related activities that will occur or be placed on site. 
-  Parking plan: Provide a parking plan detailing how parking will be managed for event; proposed location of parking for event goers and vendors, if parking will be off-site or on-site and how event goers and vendors will transit between event area and parking area.   If off-site private parking is identified on the parking plan for the special event a letter from the property owner shall be required stating that the existing land use will not utilize the parking spaces during the hours of the special event.
-  Crowd and traffic control plan Plan detailing how crowds and traffic will be managed; the additional use of police officers or a traffic control agency directing traffic and pedestrians (applicant’s expense), routes for emergency vehicle to navigate without delay, etc.  
-  Proof of Liability insurance for the business naming the TOWN OF CAROLINA BEACH as the additional insured entity for an amount determined by the Town Manager, or no less than $1,000,000.
Proof of Liquor Liability Insurance and North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Application if serving Alcoholic Beverages. 

Municipal Event Coordinator shall schedule a meeting with Town department heads on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  The purpose of the meeting is to:  (1) Assure compliance with this and other Town ordinances, and (2) verify fees associated with Town resources needed for the event.

Prior to a permit being issued to the applicant, a Event Action Plan (EAP) shall be prepared affirming the Town’s responsibilities and the applicant’s responsibilities and the corresponding fees required.